Good undersized plastic

hello there! This is my first post on YYE! So lemme start. I just got into yoyoing a month ago and have bought a FHZ, Northstar and the DV888. I just got my DV888 awhile back about a week and I absolutely love it! I love the shape and everything! Now understanding that the DV888 is undersized, When I play with my Northstar, it feels weird. So I have been looking for a good undersized plastic to practice with. Any suggestions?

So umm anything? I’m looking for a cheap one probably around 20-40$, And I think the next yoyo I’m going to buy is a Yuuksta! :slight_smile: (but I’m practically broke now :stuck_out_tongue:

dont expect people to answer in the time of 4 minutes, and it was 530am in EST, so its not active that early.

GOOD UNDERSIZED and PLASTIC dont usually go together. so. yeah… I hear one is good, but i dont know all the specs

Yeah undersized and plastic… Only one i can think of is one and,half and half. You could try 3yo3 volume, but its not exactly undersized

Shinwoo Phantom is amazing, cheap but it is 54 mm in diameter.
Or you can wait until Duncan Drifter comes out.

Rarely does a plastic go undersized. And just cause people don’t answer your question is because we aren’t here yet. It’s only 4 min. Some thread questions take 1-2 months to get answered.

Dv888 is 50mm. A plastic as small as 50mm? I don’t think so.

Hitman Pro.


Well, plastic on it’s own is not dense enough to make a good undersized throw, but there are the plastic metal yoyos, like YYJ micro mo and mini motrix. Or the Duncan flying squirrel which is all plastic but has internal metal weights that help make it suitable for 1a play. Although I don’t know how good the squirrel really is.

I’m pretty sure YoYoFactory is releasing some new undersized plastic throws. 8)

Welk there is the crucial half and half

Not sure how undersized you want to go but I love my Lyn Fury and it’s a great price even for a plastic. Throw some silicone in and it’s one of my favorite plastics. I have also heard really good things about the Kickside but cannot speak from experience there.

About the kickside: Its a good yoyo. I do not know the definition of undersized so I cannot say if it is or not. I compare it to the raptor, and it has the same width, height, diameter, and everything. The only difference is that the kickside is a little more H shaped. Anyone who knows what an undersized yoyo is and has the raptor, is the raptor undersized?

The kickside yoyo is a good yoyo. When you get it though, you may have to replace the bearing or clean it, because it comes very responsive. I started out with it, and it has done me good. :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for all the suggestions! Sorry for expecting ppl to reply straight away, I’m new. And I have been looking at the Lyn, the Kickside and the Phantom! Haha I knew about the Half and Half but it’s a bit pricey and I want a cheap yoyo that I can slam around and stuff. I think I might get either the Hitman Pro or the Lyn. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Well undersized is very small. A Dv888 is considered as undersized. But Raptor is considered being large sized. Lot’s of yoyo’s now are made being extremely small, around 50mm apart from the plastics like PGM.

I take the Raptor as a medium sized, it fits nicely in your hands, definatley not too big like a PGM nor extremely tiny. Maybe it’s called “non-small” sized.

I think the general consensus on undersized is 52 mm and below.

Try the YYF One. It is great for $10

I don’t have a Flying Squirrel, but I have a Mosquito with a weight ring mod, and that’s pretty much what a FS is. It plays fairly well, but it is still a beginner’s yoyo. You might be able to do more with it if you like the shape. I don’t. I’m probably going to give it away to someone when I feel like it.

crucial makes a delrin version of the dv888. I beleive it’s the same specs and everything. think its called a half and half. it cost more than a dv888 does tho