I why aren´t there any undersized plastics

I was searching some yoyos and I noticed there no undersized plastics on a 40 or less price range, the only thing close was the Mini Motu but its too thin.

Is there anything plastic with 50mm diameter and 40mm width that isnt a Half and Half.

Atmosphere is pretty close.

I know there was talk about an undersized FHZ type throw that Duncan was coming out w/ but I haven’t heard anything about it in about a month or so.

Lyn Fury is pretty close…

I imagine it’s pretty difficult to achieve something with a solid weight distribution using only plastic and maintaining undersized dimensions.

The Flying Squirrel seems rather undersized…

There are a few 3yo3s that are undersized, Capella, Ceephax, and I think a few others.

Duncan Drifter. Undersized FHZ.

They released the Metal drifter at worlds, but no news on the actual Drifter.

The Duncan Drifter will be 50mm if memory serves me right. The metal Drifter was 52mm. Oh, and of course there’s this:

^^50mm of pure-t-fun!

Oh, and don’t forget about the Gung Fu. For all it’s shortcomings, it was a fun throw, too.

I didn’t know the PGM v1 was undersized. I found that the Speedmaker is small compared to the PGM and Legacy.

@Chris The V.1 PGM wasn’t undersized thats a RiceRocket reshaped PGM :wink:

He hee. Yep. JeffreyPang911 did the first one. He called it the PGM.5!

Hitman, Lyn Fury, Mosquito, Flying Squirel, Half and Half, Drifter, and a few others are undersized.

Brandon said US Nationals release for the Drifter

imo in general yoyos are better when they are full sized. with the precision of machined aluminum companies can make quality undersized yoyos. smaller yoyos are just more difficult to hold and the weight isn’t pushed out as far as it can be. I like undersized yoyos but I just can’t picture a quality undersized 1A plastic yoyo.

I sure hope so!!! I’m die’n for both that, the Raptor, and the metal Drifter

you overlooked the duncan mosquito. it has a ball bearing, and is cheap at 8 bucks here at yoyoexpert.

here are the specs:

Duncan Mosquito Stats:
Diameter: 54 mm / 2.12 inches
Width: 36 mm / 1.41 inches
Response System: Duncan Friction Stickers
Weight: 46.6 grams
Bearing Size: Size A

The Mosquito is wing shaped.

Eh, kind of wing, but kind of not really at the same time. it’s more of a rounded shape than wing shaped but I know what you mean.

I don’t think I’d count 54mm diameter as undersized though…