So I know its normal for yoyos to lean a little lift or right. But this one I just got seems to be a little extreme. It is causing vibs and wobble. I know a common problem is a bad throw, but I don’t have this issue with my lyn fury or m1. So I was wondering if there is something I can do to fix this.

different yoyos need to be thrown different ways. just work on your throw with that yoyo, the asteroid isn’t as stable as the Lyn/M1, so it will be harder. If you don’t believe me, throw a trapeze, and use the strings to correct the tilt. after that, just let the yoyo hang in a break away. if it starts to tilt again after correcting it, then ya, the yoyo could be messed up.

Thanks that seemed to help I guess I will have to adjust to it.

I got used to mine pretty quick. It’s a dope yoyo, but it does take time to adjust, esp. with those crap pads lol

What do you mean pads it comes with flow able silicon preinstalled in it.

Did you buy it? If so, it comes with pads. Silicone pads.

They suck lol

No it doesn’t.

I have an asteroid too. I think it might be the extreme shape that is throwing you off. It takes a little bit to get used to. If it’s already been a while there might be something wrong with the yoyo. Mine has vibe but on certain throws if gets really vibey