Unable to sell?

Lately and before I quit, I was unable to sell yoyos, so I ask, what am I doing wrong? Is it the YOYOS or is the yoyo “economy” down? Is there a new forum?


If they’re not selling, lower the prices


It’s not that your yoyos aren’t good, it’s just that they aren’t particularly great either. Also, most of the people here are always just wanting the latest thing to be released and with very little discretionary income they can’t afford everything.

It’s been like only three days since you put it up.


He put up a BST a while ogo but didn’t get any buyers so he’s trying again

Dropped prices a ton. IMO 60$ for a Magnetude is insane. And 80$ for an Angle??? But if it sells…

I’ve seen Angle’s in better condition sell for less money. Way more than once.


Should I do like 70$?

That’s a pretty terse comment. Might be scarring people off from dealing with you.

Plus your shipping is high

How much is priority?

Sorry I just recently had to give some guy 25$ because he dented a Yoyo. I’ll take it off

Any more tips?

Small issue: your descriptions/prices aren’t in the same order as the yoyos in the pictures. Not a huge deal, but it could decrease any misunderstandings as to which yoyo is which if they were in the same order.

Primary issue: You aren’t selling any “hot” yoyos that would draw attention from prospective buyers. The Angle is a nice throw and sells for a lot, but it’s resale value is very low even for mint ones. You might have a better chance trying to trade these for something you’d like or has a better resale value.

Or you could try something I did one time that worked. I sold a desirable yoyo with a less desirable one as a package. This allowed me to get a fairly decent price for both rather than a good price for one and nothing for the other. It was probably a wash in the long run, but I was able to get rid of yoyos that way.

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As for your prices I’ve never seen Magnitudes on anyone’s wants list. I’ve seen near mint YYR go for less than $60 a few times before and I’m sure those are more sought after than magnitudes.

Id drop the price on the Angle a bit more as well, the other 2 are alright

I’d just like you to know that it brought a smile to my face to see you posting. :slight_smile:

I think your prices, for the most part, are just fine. The Angle will probably sit quite a while at $80, but the Al5 and Icon are steals. The Magnetude is understandable, though. Duncan + non-C bearing = people running for the hills. It’s a shame because I love my Magnetude; those magnetic caps are stupidly fun to mess around with on metal poles and railings.

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The prices are reasonable, the yoyos you have just aren’t in super high demand and there have been a ton of new throws and colorways released recently. It’s hard to sell a lot of stuff in the BST right now without the prices dipping into the “giving it away” territory.

a weekly BST market analysis would be sooooo cool.

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The key to successful selling is having a product people want at a price they are willing to pay. With that in mind, some items on the BST have been there a long time, and will probably be there for some time to come. My own collection, while dear to me would probably only be of interest to collectors or others looking for a specific item. It’s a bit like the classic car market, when the right guy comes along, the item will sell.

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icon and al5 are good

angle and magnitude could drop another $10 in my opinion

I’ve seen mint angles at that price with free shipping