un-tarnishing nickel yoyos

(Ellie) #1

I just got a nickel Summit in the mail and the owner didn’t tell me it was tarnished as heck and it looks disgusting

is there a way to untarnish and polish them so they’re sparkly new again?

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I usually stick to Eagle One’s Nevr-Dull

Just grab that and a microfiber towel, and rub the shame out of it, buffing with the towel


Any kind of polish risks removing any bead blast or textured surface, just so you know. I would just use soap and water and see what you can remove without resorting to an abrasive goop.


Nickel over pyramatte isn’t a surface texture you need to worry about. Have at it with any of the recommended polishes!


To clean/polish nickel plating try Mothers…recommended by One Drop!





What DB said… :wink:


Yes what DB said. That will make it very shiny.