Un common yoyo

The Yo-Yo on the link Samad posted above mine.


That one looked really cool to me. But this is even cooler!

Also, Mark26 and DYonch are making these Modded FH0s paited by John Higby, those seem cool.
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Oh yeah you gotta get those FHZ’s!
Plus it goes to charity! :wink:

The Frantic came out first.

ha JK

Oh. The non-YYF one looks better. In my opinion, probably play. Some no-name brands do play better than popular ones.

It is a little hard to believe YYJ is the record holder for the longest spinning ball-bearing.

I think it’s the longest spinning yoyo not bearing. And why do you find it weird. Metal-rimmed yoyos got really good weight distribution. And the Speeder (which I think set the record) has VERY concentrated rim-weight.

Nope it was the Mega Spinfaktor.

well most of my friends have cuts and pyro lite


3yo3 cosmo

Those look cool.

I’m gonna suggest the Wooly Marmot by CLYW. It is a brand new yo-yo that comes from a very unique and very reliable brand. I have both of their other yo-yos and they are probably my top two players. I actually just ordered one. They are in stock at Yoyonation right now.

I wouldn’t consider the Wooly Marmot that uncommon. It seems to me like CLYW are producing in higher quantities now. And if you want your yoyo to stand out from the rest, buying one of the yoyo most people seem to want isn’t a too good idea.

good point.

ILYY - I’ve actually never thrown one, but the specs look nice as do the reviews. Not cheap though, esp due to the current currency exchange rates.

What about Vulto, or Turning Point?

AnY 3x.

Try I Love YoYos.

keep spinning


Catch 22! :smiley: