Hspin Delrins

I was at a yoyo Clud meeting today and I got news about Hspin from someone on the inside (Noel). I usedhis specialedithion CUT too. Pure Awesomeness. Back on topic, he askedwhat I thought about Hspin Making Delrin yoyos. I said It would be awesome, he said they might bemaking prototypes and they probably won’t be released but I hope I get too use his if the make them. I also used his Tigorylla 513, also awesome!!!

Most companys are on the higher model and 99 percent of people would choose metal over plastic

not exactly… look at the protostar. When ppl ask for recommendations, there usually would be a person that recommends it

I’ve been reaching for my protostar more than my G5 as of late… And if its cheaper, alot of people would jump at it

Yep. You are totally wrong.

I play my protostar alot more than my DV888!

Also I haven’t found an Hspin that I like yet. Not saying they have bad yo’s. Just that they aren’t my style I guess.

Just because there may be more High performance metals than plastics, doesn’t mean anyone should choose a metal over a plastic. For example, The death by yoyo, Gung-foo. THat thing is sweet. Too bad its discontinued…