Uhhh meee


Gleock can now be found at YYE due to the loss of popdada on yyn and me needing 2 get an account on here i finally did

also any vsnyyc questions may be directed towards me and i will try 2 answer them 2 my best abilities


hey brother…!


hows it going man… i saw u got one of your bst’s back from paypal thats good… but i really needed 2 make an account on here u just finally gave me the motivation to do so… so im here


does that mean we have a huge amount of YYN coming over???


not exactly sure on that but i do know shaffer bonewll might b comign by along with juan… not positive though ’


What happened with popdada?


This is weird. I was here before by the way.

(Q) #8

I smell a forum raid. :stuck_out_tongue:


Rage? Oooh…


who be you?


You know that Heath comes here often enough to answer questions about his products.


tbh i wasnt sure… heath calls me up usually once a week and we talk about stuff so i can usually answer any questions since he’s not on here or at yyn as often as me


Hah. Good enough. :wink:


=p… but im glad 2 be o a different forum yyn has been getting the best of some of us


I hear this place has a better store too.


So what happened with popdada?


he quit YYN, now he is ONLY here


yaa atleast they know how to stock things here!!!


aint that the truth!

but they aint highlights, but i wouldnt know, i havnt tryed em


Some stuff is cheaper and shipping is less.