A little chopstick tutorial I made for the Saint Petersburg Yo-Yo School.
My advice, don’t put too much thought into how I mount on the string. Focus more on how I hold the string. For example, the use of more than one finger on my non throwhand, shortening the string by holding it on my throwhand as well as the concept “holding the box”.

Nice chops!

Love the new color of the Rally!

Y u so gud?

Seriously, that was a little bit mind-altering. The amount of practice and fluency it must take to be able to control the box and the yoyo moving through it… I can barely do a single chopsticks mount. :wink: Still, even though I’m a ways from learning something like this, it’s entertaining to see.

Freakin’ Paul Dang and his chopsticks.

That Rally right there… that’s the one I want.

Love the trick, But this isn’t much of a tutorial!
I can barely follow this at all.
that’s a bit upsetting.
Thats okay, I’ll download it and Slo mo it if you don’t mind! It’s too sexy of a trick not to learn :slight_smile:

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG Paul rocked it! That box must hold schrodinger’s cat. Thanks for the tutorial but I’m just not there yet.

Do what you gotta do! I tried to highlight the mounts I use for basically all of my chopsticks and how to hold them! I’m interested to see what else you come up with them!

Awesome! :slight_smile: