Paul Dang Trick Help!

I’ve seen this trick done multiple times done in Paul Dang’s videos. Does anyone know how to do it? If so, can someone make a tutorial, or locate an already made tutorial. Does it have a name? Too many questions…

The trick starts at 0:56-1:07.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

there are many different variations of this trick. one involving a tower, is by throwing a houdini mount and passing the yoyo over your throwhand index finger again and curling it in. pull the strings tight but not to much for it to flop. Then do a motion like he does moving the yoyo over. i can make a tutorial if you’d like.

A tutorial would be amazing! It doesn’t need to be fancy. Just a break down of where the yoyo needs to land and what my hands need to do :slight_smile: thank you!

here you go

That was great… Does anyone know how his little slack rejection thing is done at :14 or :15 seconds.?

I don’t know it, but I know that it is sick!

We better just call THE Paul Dang and ask him for a tutorial :wink:

:shines Paul dang bat symbol:

Seriously. His style is so dope

I’m proud to live in the same town as him :smiley:

His smoothness is unmatched.

Find him. Learn the trick. Make a tutorial for us. :smiley:

I have his phone number ;D I text him occasionally

Just from watching it a couple times, I THINK its a slack done using tension, much like the concept Anthony Rojas talks about in this video:

Thanks for posting that.  Now I have a new element to play with.

I’m absolutely STOKED to practice this

me too :slight_smile: