Typo in the Yoyoexpert Shop

I don’t know if you guys noticed this, but if you hovered on shop, then just clicked on accessories, it shows you all the accessories right? However, the description for the thin lube says this:
“Make your yo-yo less responsive with YYJ thick lube.”

I just wanted to tell you so some beginner doesn’t just buy the thick lube, thinking it’ll do both or something.

Thanks for your time Andre.

No it doesnt ???
I think André might have seen and changed it. Lets let this thread die now…

It does, it’s right underneath the picture. The only way to see it is to do what I did

Next time, just private message him to let him know. Its much easier for him.

Uh it does?

Lets let this thread die…


Don’t post in this thread! lol :smiley:

I mean PM him
I’m not that dumb

There actually was another thread on this.

Then Why Wasn’t It Changed? ???

I have no idea.

I still don’t see the error when I click on the page…
Can you send me a direct link?

http://yoyoexpert.com/product/accessories/ Here you go Andre!!!

It’s also on here.


Ah - got it now - thanks guys. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome


Ah, on this page you changed the Thick one to say Thin, instead of changing the one for Thin Lube.

Haha! Ok - got it now. Finally. :wink:

You must be really busy :o to miss which product to change… or just really sleepy… but busy makes you sound better ;D

Its the kind of effect when you stare at something so long its hard to catch. :wink: