Some minor errors

When you click on shop, then click yoyojam, there would be a yoyojam inventory page. For the description for the Sigma Blade Zwei, it stated “Ultimate triple yoyo”, but it should be "Ultimate triple A yoyo.
For the page for the speeder’s description, at the top, it stated “#1 Choice”, but I thought the first choice for is Dark Magic, not speeder?(I am not very sure about this)

The Sigma Blade Zewi thing happens, but the Speeder thing doesn’t, it says it on the Dark Magic for me.

On this page:

Under where it says The Speeder.

Aaah, I thought it was this page: YoYoExpert Blog & Yo-Yo News – YoYoJam HEX || Modernized Dark Magic || Aluminum & Titanium || @YoYoJam