Types of Aluminum.

Hey guys! I know a LOT of people want to get yoyos machined and say they will and all and yes I am going to be one of them :stuck_out_tongue: I already have a design and my dad knows 2 different machinist that have CNC’s and we are going to ask but I have to type up an email to send and I’m not quite sure what stuff is important? Besides the design, specs, and aluminum type. So I’m not sure what else to send in the email? My main question is, can somebody post some of the basic types of aluminum and some yoyo’s that use that type of aluminum? Like this:

7075: Severe
6061: Genesis, Supernova Lite

I’m not sure what type of aluminum to use. I was thinking 6061. Can anybody tell me what the CLYW Gnarwhal/Sasquatch uses?

EDIT: Also, with blasting/anodizing, do I have to do both? I have to blast then get anodizing, is that correct?

6061 and 7075 are the most common, but there are TONS of alloys.

As far as Anodizing, nothing is needed. It can have any type of finish. i.e. YYR yoyos, Supernova, SEVERE, etc… have glossed finishes.

I believe ILYY uses 6082, but I’m not sure.

But, 6061 is basically the standard alloy if I’m not mistaken, and I’d build a design off of that.

what about turning point. also what kind of finish do they use?