Making a yo-yo?

Hi everyone, I was wondering on how yo-yo companies make their yo-yo’s. If you do know please leave a reply preferably with a video or picuture.

I will preface this with the fact that I haven’t talked with anyone in the industry for years. Though I have a few year experience in metals. That aside I would assume that the metal yoyos are made the same as most other aluminum products at this point.

First they design the new yoyo in what ever way they like but someone ends up putting it into a CAD/CAM file of some type. Then it is probably prototyped and tested. Most of the yoyos I have seen look to have been lathed though some look like there might be more going on. The company once they have a final proto, contracts to have the design produced by someone specializing in CNC. After the pieces are cut they have whatever finishes are wanted applied. Bead blasting, polishing etc. Then they are painted, anodized, labeled or what have you and then they move on to final assembly where they are tested before being packaged. Now some companies may have their own CNC machines, but they are wicked expensive and often not worth purchasing considering the upkeep. A individual could with some talent use some basic tools including a lathe, drill press, polishing machine, tap and die and come up with some nice one offs. However to have a extremely uniform product it is easier to use computer controlled machines.

sorry no pictures


one of a general yo hatrick being made

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