Two Steps from heck

Hey guys! I’ve been listening to a lot of Adventure music lately. Quentin Godet unintentionally got me into it with his 4A freestyles.
Anyways, I found this group called Two Steps from heck (I don’t really care for the name but their music is incredible). I am shocked by some of the music these people put together. Even better? these guys are clean. It’s not like most of today’s music where you got to Google a clean version to download.
My favorite songs are Archangel and Victory.

Has anyone else ever heard of them?

EDIT: The name was changed by the mods to make it more family friendly, but for those who want to look them up, it’s not heck, but similar. I will not say it here, but I’m sure you guys will figure it out. :smiley:

Ive been listening to tsfh for about two years now.

:smiley: The name change is probably appropriate, but it makes it kind of funny.

my absolute favorite tsfh song is flight of the silverbird.

I have yet to hear that one.

I have. Pretty good too.

Oh, I got it. Two Steps from the Netherworld! Hmmm, cant’ find it. Oh Two Steps from the Inferno. Nope… Underworld? Lucifer’s Domicile? I just can’t seem to figure it out… ???

They have a bunch of albums on Amazon, if any one has prime membership. Good stuff.