Two outta three?


Ok, so I’m kind of pre-spending Christmas money I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting, lol. I’m basically trying to make up my mind between these:
Top Deck
Borealis 2 (fools gold)
Boa from Retic yoyo’s
…or I may just wait to see what will be coming in the new year!

Lately, the ones I’ve been rotating through somewhat regularly are the B18, Silenus, Serenade, and SK. Never played a 7075 or an organic before, so that would be new.
Let me know your suggestions, if you would be so kind. Thanks!


To me the Top Deck is a can’t-miss choice, it arguably should be in everyone’s yo-yo collection.

The other two are good but more debatable?


That’s really where I’m landing at the moment as well. Everything I’ve ready on the Top Deck suggests a very unique must have that performs really well.
Now…If I could just figure out what I wanted to do about the other two? :wink::thinking:

(Neil J Baker) #4

I love my topdeck. Its one of my favorites. That being said the I think the boa is better. The Boa is my #1 favorite at the moment.


Are you the owner of Reticulated? Both of those releases were quite good!


The boa is very awesome and very cheap!

(Neil J Baker) #7

Yes I am. Glad to hear you liked our first two releases. We have some big things planned for 2019 :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to see what you have in store.


Boa is SO DOPE