Two new releases from YYF - JDS Shutter & The IQ!

Wow! Shipping was super fast! Thanks YYE.

I got the red and the color is more of a burgandy. This thing play so nice.


Fingerspins are not a primary consideration of the design. If you can fingerspin well you can definitely fingerspin with it but if that’s a primary consideration. I could recommend other yoyos that give up something else to give a better fingerspin experience.


Thanks for answering my question Ben :+1:t2: I see so it was not a primary design Choice for finger spins but instead for performance which looks amazing :star_struck::grin:
P.S congrats on the win Ben :wink: !!!


Picked up an IQ yesterday! Super stoked to try it out based on how much Ben loves it. Hard not to trust his opinion too since he’s tried/created more throws than I’ve ever had.

@yyfben2 curious to know what it looks like under the SS ring? Any pics of it without them?


Iq definitely looks fireeeee


Wiffle ball light. I don’t have a physical cut pic nor really want to share the cad but you can kinda tell looking that The weight is mostly in that inside corner of the ring. The width in the ring gives it the look but it’s mostly in the inner.


I am not sure that I understand this description. Can you explain?

smart yo for smart pros


Now I am even more confused…But OK.

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I’m guessing the terminology is what’s throwing you off, particularly the word “requrements”.

A requrement is similar to a requirement, but specifically denotes team competitors. There is no “I” in requrement.



The whole statement seems awkward.

Maybe something like: The IQ checks all the boxes in current yo-yo trends.

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Here’s how I read it: It’s made for players (like Gentry) who are intelligently able to identify the tricks that get “clicks” from judges at contests, and thus a higher final score. Basically, this is a yoyo that handles pretty much anything the highest level, or “highest trick IQ” players can throw at it.

I thought it was good marketing.


Oh; I see. I guess I have never equated I.Q. with being ‘clever’. Was Einstein ‘clever’?

… But we digress.

I have tried out the I.Q. and it is indeed a superior performer. I am still in the early stages of playing it; but it has been nothing but a joy so far. YYF really knocked this one out of the park.


I was just joking around, I didn’t write it. That’s copy from YYF I think.


You answered @Yoyogeek15 , but you didn’t really answer @craZivn. How does it compare? I understand it’s not a primary consideration.

I find both the Shutter and Shutter Wide Angle to be very capable for fingerspins.

Sorry I’m late to the game, somehow I missed this one.

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I have a JDS Shutter now so I can answer my own question! The JDS’s cup is larger diameter and (I think) shallower than the Wangle but I still find fingerspins to be quite nice on it. Maybe not as stable as the Wangle on the spin, but easier to hit the fingerspin cup for tyros like me, since the cup occupies more real estate.



I’ve been working on finger spins with my iQ, and even though it might not be a consideration, I find it does a fantastic job with them. I’m also using a Speedaholic XX which is probably the best FS throw I’ve ever used, so I’ll compare them for you.

The Speedaholic feels almost like it’s on a rod, and you just have to stand there holding it. Ultra smooth and doesn’t move around at all once you’re in the dimple. Easy.

The iQ revolves around your finger tip since there’s a nipple in the middle of the cup. The glossy finish keeps everything smooth, and due to the extreme stability the rings give it, it’s also very easy, just a “different” spin.

Between the two, I find it easier to get into (and out of) a spin with the iQ, but the Speedaholic sets in better once you’re in the dimple. And I say this from a just starting out stance where I can land it about 50%, maybe less, of the time. Bottom line, the iQ won’t disappoint you on finger spins!

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