two 2a ?s

ok first question is it weird and or bad if i loop better fast on my fight(domanant hand) then i do when i go slow?
2nd question is it weird or bad that i loop better with my left hand then i do with my right?

I don’t think it’s bad to be better while doing it fast-but you do have to be good with using both hands. Just work on it. Are you sure you’re not ambidextrous? I know a lot of people who are left handed but write with their right hand, just because when you’re little and you look around, everyone ELSE is using their right hand to write with. That and those darn righty can openers.

lol well i might be but i cant test it with writing my hand writing is horrible with both hands lol

I don’t see any problem with this at all. People all have their differant way of doing things, in fact, i think it would be strange if looping for you, was very similar to looping for everyone else.