Twisted Yo-Yo Stringz

Here is the beginning of my review on my recent purchase of strings from Jenn Jen. I’ll be reviewing most of her line as I have most if not all of what she offers (at least 1 string of each).

I’ll post my unboxing video and review here as soon as the video uploads and then the string reviews as I play the strings enough to get a thorough idea of what each string does with my style of play.

While we wait I just really wanted to give Jenn a shout and tell her thank you so much for the awesome stuff! It really made my day :).

I look forward to reading your reviews.

I absolutely LOVE Twisted Stringz !!! Jenn makes some of the best string money can buy and I used many of them. She was kind enough to even create the color scheme I wanted, and I’m constantly comparing every other string I might try or purchase to her strings.

Her “Project X” is my particular favorite, followed very closely by the “Type B” & Type “A1”.
I would recommend to anyone at the very least buy a small pack of her strings before you decide what your favorite string is. They all wear really well, and since I love whipping tricks especially, they excel in that area.

Of course, that’s just my opinion.

I wish it were easier to find them in stock somewhere. I’d love to try them out.

I’ve got some wouldn’t mind sending you a couple pm me :slight_smile:

Just a little teaser of the awesome Kevlar threads I got from twisted Stringz on the chik :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about getting the poly/Kevlar/glow string.

What color?

Are you asking me what color my kevlar is or what color you should get?

Both I guess…

Those Kevlar on my chik are an exact match for the dragon slayer colorway. It’s really hard for me to tell you what to get. What colorways do you have on your favorite throws? Jen can do almost any colo combo, there are some required colors for the Kevlar and the glow in the dark and a few others ( the Kevlar is yellow so if you get that string you will have to work with the strands that are Kevlar).

Let me know what you have and I’ll try and help you pick, but your best bet would be to hit Jen up and ask her opinion she does a great job on color coordinating with a throw.