Twin towers trick

Hey everybody I checked out this yourube video called attitude. If you haven’t seen it, DO IT NOW!! There’s a trick half way through called the twin towers and it’s labeled when he does it. Does anyone have a clue how to do it? Or know of a tut about it?? Thank you for viewing live and prosper, yoyo-ously

have a perfect twin towers but i have a slow computer thats bad with videos


The trick’s its at 1:03

There’s some awesome stuff in this vid. I’d personally like to learn “Lelouch of the rebellion”

ok so i know this isnt productive to the question because i have no good idea how he did the twin towers, but thanks for posting that vid… it was AWESOME

Lol I know when I saw the video I was praying they’d slow it down but they didn’t :frowning: I guess whoever made the video just isn’t cool enough to make the tutorials

It’s one of Zammy’s vids. He’s a great guy, and might do a breakdown if you ask him. He comes to the site occasionally.

dude in the vid is the string even attached to his finger

it’s a style called mobious, the slipknot is not really attached, but he can if he wants to.

Heard of Mobious, but never new what it was. It’s pretty cool. It’s similar to 5A, but you not as much swinging around and stuff.