Tutorial Series


I am starting to make some videos on youtube, usually displaying new tricks, demos, and probably tutorials. Thanks to Abby for the idea for this thread and this video!

Ventibulation Tutorial


Happy Place Tutorial

BeamJacket tutorial


Your welcome for the idea


Thanks Abby!


It’s cool I didn’t even know I did that I just wanted people to know have a YouTube…


New Tutorial up!


sweet :smiley: yay its easy! oh and I also subscribed to ya ;D


I can’t land that for the life of me… I might have to slow it down. :wink:


Have you considered cutting your string? It seemed really long.


That might be the reason he can land the whip. ^^

I’m so confused by this trick. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey sting is string so what?


Yeah, it is extremely long. Personally, I like to keep my string as long as it comes, AKA stock. It just feels more natural to me. I have some yoyoexpert string that comes short…I honestly never use it for that sole reason. I just use stock twisted stringz, really good string.


Sorry, it’s just one of those moves that is tough to explain on camera and you really have to experiment with until you get it, like brent stole!


Yeah I like my string long too if it’s too short for me I can’t do anything


Post more videos me want to see more!!!


new tutorial up!


I saw the tutorial awesome


thanks! Entering it into the zammy contest once
I’ve gotten it more smooth.(Yes I found it) Thanks for telling me about it!


Your welcome I’m entering one of my tricks too


New tutorial up!


New tutorial up!