Turning Point x YoYoAddict: AX Review

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Turning Point x YoYoAddict AX

So as many of you know, Turning Point is a high-end Yo-Yo manufacturer from Japan, known for their extreme precision in their manufacturing. In fact, their Yo-Yos are some of the smoothest Yo-Yos circulating our market. Also, as many of you might also know, YoYoAddict is a Japanese Yo-Yo store started by Hiroyuki Suzuki aka Mickey. Before YoYoAddict decided to design their own Yo-Yo, they got together with Turning Point and put together a collaboration project, which resulted in the AX. This Yo-Yo retailed for OVER 200$, but on my recent trip to Hong Kong, I visited a Yo-Yo retail store, which happened to stock the AX for slightly less. I bought the Yo-Yo, a long with an Albino Leviathan. After spending a week and a half with the Yo-Yo, I decided to spread the word about this Yo-Yo, as it is not getting the publicity it deserves.

Diameter: 56 millimeters
Width: 41 millimeters
Weight: 65 grams
Bearing: Center Trac Size C (0.250 x 0.500 x 0.187 inch)
Response: K-Pads
Body Material: 7075 Aluminum

The body of the Yo-Yo is made of 7075 Aluminum, which has a higher density than 6061 Aluminum, which is what the regular Aluminum Yo-Yo is made of. The AX has a V-shape, much like Mickey’s other signature yoyos. The AX has as small step up from the response to the catch zone. Then there is another step up from the catch zone to the rims. The catch zone is not a straight V-shape, as there is some curve to it. The hub of the AX has the classic Turning Point nipple, which is present on almost every Turning Point Yo-Yo. There is no lip on the rim, so it was obviously not made for thumb grinds. The AX is not blasted, just anodized. Mine is anodized in a bright blue. Very eye catching.

Bearing and Response
The AX comes stock with a Center Trac Bearing. This bearing came smooth and quiet, but when it is not lubed, makes a lot of noise. After a few days, I swapped it out for a concave bearing, no the Dif-E-Yo ones. The Center Trac makes the Yo-Yo play and feel lighter. The concave bearing made the AX play with a more solid presence, not heavy, but with more pull. The response pads were white K-Pads. They stuck out of the grooves a little, so I was a little unsure of the responsiveness at first. After using the AX for a week and a half, I can tell you the little excess response did not affect the play at all.

This Yo-Yo is amazing. It is very very smooth, but obviously, that can change from person to person. It plays fast and light with the Center Trac, and fast, and slightly more solid with a concave bearing. It’s stability is un-parred, never once tilting on me unless it was hit or low on spin time. The spin times were sufficient, as I never stopped to record how long it spun for. It’s V-shape lends to easy suicides due to no string drag on the Yo-Yo. Rejections were easy, due to the slight curve the body of the yoyo has. It is narrower than most modern yoyos, which average at 42-43 millimeters wide, but still catches the string really easily. As for its horizontal capabilities, since my horizontal Yo-Yoing skills are undeveloped, I had the Yo-Yo store owner throw it for me. He said it was one of the easiest Yo-Yos to horizontal with. It’s grinding capabilities were so-so. It could finger grind as well as a blasted surface, due to it’s shape and machining style. It cannot palm grind at all, as the rims would dig into your palm and shoot the Yo-Yo out of your hand. Arm grinds are also bad, as there is too much surface area. Thumb grinds are possible, like almost all Yo-Yos, but since there is no lip, you need to tilt the yoyo at an angle.

This is a great Yo-Yo. The price is high though, so it is unobtainable for many people. If you ever get a chance to try this Yo-Yo, you have to give it a shot. I don’t think you can hate this Yo-Yo, but again, that’s all preference. I honestly think it is one of the best buys I have ever gotten.

It looks sick awesome format I want it now:)

Exept I can afford it till kingdom come