Turning point, Sudo

Found a dirt bike that would be perfect for my daughter. Will sell until I have enough then keep the rest.

•Tp Mgska - $150 well played magnesium yoyo for a great price. SOLD
•Tp another douska - $80 mint stone pattern SOLD
•Tp Gachiska - $400 mint bi metal magnesium organic heaven. SOLD
•Tp premium Bacchus $150 each
•Static co. Sudo $130 mint but does have some vibe that it came with from rewind. :man_shrugging:t4: TRADE PENDING


A lot has happened. Some sold🫶🏽, trade pending, boxes boxed. Usps tripped planned for morning. Will sell 1 of the 2 Bacchus and keep the other. Up to the buyer. :pray:t3:🫶🏽 Let’s go get a dirt bike!!!


That mgska is tempting at that price


It’s a seriously fun yoyo!


That white Premium Bacchus … is that white anodization or some other type of coating?

The white Bacchus, I’m not entirely sure. It’s more white than the coating on the magnesium throws but that could be because it’s on a different material.

I do know that white ano is not possible yet. They can do blasted clear which can sometimes resemble white given the use of the right alloys.

Both Bacchus are so nice I couldn’t pick one to keep. I’ve had an offer on the super rough blast but far too low to accept.

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It’s a cerakote coating.

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Thanks, mable. You are always a treasure trove of knowledge.

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Would cerakote and ceramitone be the same? Because I also have an another Douska in the ceramitone and they are not the same texture or colors.

Premium bacchus is rough blasted under the coat (just like the actual rough blast uncoated one you have) which might be what’s throwing you off.

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Where are you seeing that information? Rewind is lacking information on the coating for the Bacchus. I don’t believe it’s the same as the rough blasted. I’ve gotten all of the premiums and the rough blasted and super rough blasted are not nearly as smooth. This one feels and looks more like the painted versions they did on the Douska, mgska, and radix.

Rewind’s Japanese streams/socials. My memory might be a little hazy on some of this since it’s been a minute and I don’t feel like digging through more than a year of videos and social posts.

Just dug through a couple blog posts since that was the lowest effort thing and while not specifying specifically cerakote, they did specify it’s all the same coating that first appeared on the mgska. So yeah it’s the underlying material/surface finish on each yoyo that’s giving you a different feel.

Ceramic tone was the name of the colorway, cerakote is a branded coating to be applied to metals.

Ill take the Gachiska :saluting_face: need an MG throw in the mix

Im going to agree to disagree, if you saw it in person you could agree it’s not the same, this looks and feels like paint. I’ve tried to pick it up on camera but my phones don’t do justice. They were sold separately than the rough and super rough blasted bacchus as well.