Turning Point: St Elmo or positron 2

Which is faster, competitive and fun, can someone give me a quick review of what each is best at?


Hi, I only have the St Elmo and it’s the only TP that I own. But it’s really good, it has a lot of rim weight and spin power. It is so smooth and looks stunning! It is quite light but can feel heavier in play. I would say that it is definitely competition worthy but I will note that it is narrower than the modern trend for competition yo-yos. Let me see how fast it feels, I will take it for a spin today and report back.


Thank you my friend, also pm me what colour you have, not trying to buy, just curious

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Mine is gold, will send you a pic. I don’t think I’m a great judge for speed, I’m a fairly basic player. But overall I’d say it is a bit on the slower side.

How do they differ?

Did you get a St. Elmo?

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How are you liking it? Also I’m curious how it compares to other TP models since it’s the only TP that I own.

It’s the only turning point I own too but if I’m lucky I’ll find a palpitation aha. It definitely plays stable and perfect for tech as I would expect from TP, it can definitely handle speed but not sure if it’s best suited for it but a great throw.

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Positron 2