Two new releases from Turning Point!


As a repeat World Champion in 5A and top contender in 1A, Takeshi Matsuura needs a yo-yo that can do it all! This is his latest signature model – The St. Elmo!

St. Elmo was designed as a mono-metal version of the Palpitation. It weighs in around a gram lighter, but somehow feels even faster and more powerful on the string. It has a really enjoyable combination of light weight and serious stability that just begs you to keep on throwing!

All the performance you need to compete on the World’s stage, the St. Elmo is a top choice for any yo-yo player!


The Turning Point 2 was Turning Point’s answer for an undersized yo-yo with some serious performance and this is its new bi-metal counterpart – The Counter-Jet!

Turning Point didn’t change too much as far as the shape goes, but the addition of the steel rings gives the Counter-Jet a completely different weight distribution and feel on the string. It has an undersized diameter and a nice wide stance that offers plenty of stability in a compact, easily maneuverable package. The bi-metal design maximizes the rim weight for a power you can really feel on the string and fantastic spin time.

The Counter-Jet is a fantastic yo-yo for any style, and it’s undersized frame makes it a perfect throw for daily play!