Turning point soul?

Whos played one? Looks like part of the leviathan family.

I too would like to hear a review from someone who has one.

Ask @dizzo - he has one

In the end, I kept the soul and sold the cetus


I was missing something. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was? I thought about it I thought about it and thought about it and I think I had some pizza I forgot about it.

And then I got a Life. I didn’t realize I didn’t have a life but after talking to Charles and Jensen I realized I didn’t have a life. And the next thing you know I had a life. And just like a video game it’s always good to have a couple extra lives. So now I have more than one life which is good.

Sadly as time went on I realized even though I had a life I had no soul and that was pretty sad. Because what is the use of having a life if you have no soul?

So I was talking to my good friend crash one day and We talked about how even though I had a life and I have a life I felt lifeless without a soul. So a package arrived from Canada and now I’m living a life because I have a Soul.

And the soul is so good the only time it will pass to another is when I actually run out of life.

The Turning Point Soul is a Masterpiece. To be more accurate. The Soul is ‘another’ Masterpiece from a guy that just can’t make a bad yo-yo.


That’s good to hear from you doc and from you dizzo because I just got the last one from Spingear. Can’t wait for it to get here.


And Doc, very poetic and philosophical.

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I think you’ll really love it, especially if you enjoyed the Leviathan series. A little smaller than most of the TP throws, but still performs like no other.

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