WTB: TP Soul or a Cetus and a Diaspora

Iโ€™d like to buy a Turning Point Soul or a Cetus and a Diaspora, Paypal only. Thank you. :astronaut:

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Thanks for the tag ! But no I donโ€™t have any Soul (!!) right now. You can also buy a Cetus, they are so similar itโ€™s hard to tell them apart. Both models very nice, not surprising with TP titaniums.


Thank you Iโ€™ll keep an eye out for a Cetus as well. :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: :astronaut: