Turning point Leviathan II

Has anyone got to play with a Leviathan II? What are your likes or dislikes? I ordered one already but im just curious as to what other people thought of them.

also i plan on posting a review once i have gotten to play with it enough.

lol, what color did you get?
you probably read my review of it already,

good throw, the only thing i don’t like is the shape, i like angles more…but it does feel great at hand and it does play incredible,…so yea…

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I havent read your review yet so thanks for sharing that! I got the blue one. Im hoping its similar to my yyr stardust that got stolen! That has been my favorite throw I have owned. MY PRECIOUS!!!

i love my Leviathans …that’s all i can say

here’s marcus koh with it:

and a cool dude with the same leviathan as yours

yeah if marcus keeps practicing he might be good some day! (sarcasm)

lol good one


@yoyo expert

oh please, safe environment? how more douchy could this get?
since when “****” and the verb “screw” were dangerous to anyone in the first place?

and yoyo is for men…you’re responsible for attracting small kids here LOL

Regardless of how you feel about it or the reason for their being here, there are quite a large number of young children and parents of young children to frequent these forums. In any case, those are the rules and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to stick around.



The answer to your question is reflected in your latter comment.

You choose to come here and then you disrepect the owner of this forum.
If you have a disagreement with Yoyoexpert, send him a pm.

Read the rules, they are clear and you were in violation.
Choose to stay, choose to follow the rules, or choose to go, it’s up to you.

i like how this community deals with members…reminds me of…the IIIrd Reich of Hitler

cmon don’t give me that crap…in violation?
yeeeeea…riiiiiiight… disrespecting the owner? =____= …i see some peoplke have missing screws here… that’s a prob when your a mod.
mind giving up the rights? i’d hate it to be moderated by you.

honestly, without “your disrespect” sir, not only are you freaking overreacting over NOTHING,
but your showing how DOUCHY and HYSTERIC this administration is reacting at it’s members, way to go
sometimes people like you are small employees in real life and their bosses takes advantage of you; you guys have a shitty life and are being treated like crap, so you “get revenge” in innocent forums like this one…oh 've met people like you alright, lots of em, you’re nothing original.
go read the rules, make songs about them, make a video on them, maybe a radio station while you’re at it

wanna keep me going? O__o’


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dude… Shut up already, how would you feel if some dude on the internet taught your 5 year old words he shouldn’t say? Douchy? Really bro? Yoyoexpert is anything but douchy? Its a site provided for YOU so YOU can have FUN. Lol i dont even know how to really react to you dude, get outta here with this nonsense, you need to get smacked forreal. A lot of people get big over the world wide web but i bet if you were in front of Mr. Yoyoexpert himself youd be kissin his toes… And dont even shoot back nothin smart. This situation is utterly useless, get a therapist if you wanna complain about stuff, i come here to learn, converse, give advice, and have fun. Not read this stuff. it disheartens me that someone who shares the same hobby as me could be so ignorant. Learn some manners and respect other peoples boundaries and environments. The funnny thing is you cant even hold yourself accountable for what you did, you played the victim after you were confronted, take responsibility and move on bro. Go poop or something you seem tense.

Sorry mods but it had to be done.


I laughed.

I laughed again.

Anyway, I find it ironic he says we have screws loose, overreact, go into hysterics, yet he compares the situation to Hitlers Third Reich. lololol

I think the mods should leave this up (but censor his foul language) just so this guy doesn’t have this wiped off his slate

Dat moment when you find a crazy user and you decide to go to his profile to view all posts

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They should leave it up, for that reason and to show future thread bombers.

Onto topic, i havent even touched a turning point, i wish i still had my old job, there wouldnt be any jojos left cuz i wud buy dem alllll! Haha but forreal i was makin bank for my age.

Those leviathan II look dope!!! Id love to try one!

riiiight keep the gestapo posts comings
but stop acting like mods when your not,

you have gone waaaay off topic, know your place

im not acting like a mod bro, i was holding you accountable, i suggest you pick up a dictionary and look the word up then your next goal should be to stop acting like a child. Grow up. Period. There are 7 year old on this site that don’t even act like that. Go ahead and say something again, im done, you obviously are not mature enough to communicate effectively with your peers, why join a community if you cant do that? I feel sorry for ya. Peace bruddah, have a good day man.

WHAT?? are you serious?? my gosh. after what you said, you ask us to keep our place?

you guys have a shitty life and are being treated like crap,
5 year old: daddy, what does this word mean?


So how about that Leviathan II? LOL we got off topic a bit?