Turkish yoyos?


I found this video. It  looks a lot like a spin top. Has anyone ever heard of these?


I have one. Fun fun fun


Tat vid is not of a turkish yoyo.










Fixed it.


I thought the decision to shoot that video with the shower as a backdrop was a little weird… until I saw the parakeet.


Can you do any thing with those besides spinning them on the ground?


I saw loads of them in Turkey. I originally planned on buying some.
The street vendors sell them along with roasted chestnuts. They’re extremely cheap (like 50 cents each maybe).


What do you do with them?


You can play games:

“The most common toys in the rural areas of Anatolia are tops. The author has recorded more than seventy names for tops in Anatolia. There are also contest games played with tops. For instance, in a game called Tuka, Dozdoz, or Domuz, one contestant tries to hit the other’s spinning top with his own and drive it out of the game area.”

As far as our tricks, you can get them to spin on your hand (even directly from a boomerang although it is probably not very common), and twirl at the end of the string, imitating MGR, etc, but not much more.