Turkey YoYo Contest 2012

Okay! So I’ll be uploading the videos my sister shot onto here once I upload them to youtube I have mine and I’d love to hear what you guys think I did well and what I could do different/better next time :slight_smile:

Ian Lammi 2012 TYYC Finals

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Looks like a nice contest. I always enjoy seeing contests from other parts of the world. Looks like a fairly common culture exists in the yoyo world.

I was just there a couple weeks ago. What part of turkey is it in?

Istanbul, dude I wish I knew you were in turkey I would have suggested a meet xD It would’ve been so cool! I always love meeting new yoyoers!!!

How Many of us Ian name-bearers have blonde hair? You’re the third I have seen/met who does so…Oh, awesome routine, by the way.

That was really good!! I’m going to try doing freestyle next year!! I loved the part where you did the combo into a Mach 5!! Anyway, keep competing!! Your gunna go far!!