Tuning out vibe On psg and asteroid?


Both of these came vibey from factory… What’s the best way to tune them?


My PSG came nearly vibeless. If anything it might be the siliconing in the caps being uneven…


lol thats not good. ill take a further look at it.


For me, unless the vibe is so bad it that it affects play, I generally don’t worry about it. I know some people can be rather obsessive about it. But, I’ve heard these throws can range from really smooth(mine are) to vibe on the bad side.


What studio42 said is correct. Most psgs play about the same, while some vibe a little it more and some are insanely smooth. You might have just gotten a bad draw of the cards when you got a vibier one.

I tried to tune a psg once and wasn’t successful at all. Not even sure if the caps come off - I thought I would break them.