Tuning a yoyo

What exactly means tuning a yoyo? How do you tune a yoyo? Tuning is done to remove vibe, right? And can tuning permanetly damage your yoyo? Thanks.

Tuning is basically any change you make to your yoyo. To tune just means to set up and maintain a yo-yo to its highest, most consistent standard of play. But since yoyos are different you tune different yoyo’s differently. If your yoyo had a vibe, and you fixed it that would be considered tuning it. But things like changing your string or pads wouldn’t be considered tuning your yoyo.
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As of I have known…
Tuning is any kind of method to make a yoyo much smoother or to remove vibe. Some people do many little things like putting shims, changing bearings, removing caps, satining or any little kind of change to try to make the yoyo smoother. I dont think tuning could harm your yoyo, but if you did something to your yoyo that is soo horrific (trying to shave a yoyo using a kinfe, ;D) it could harm it and make your vibe totally worse and make it a big wobble.


I belive that modding is improving a yoyo’s look and performance. Tuning is a modifcation. You tune a bent or damged axle so that the yoyo won’t vibe.