tuning a duncan flipside


hello all !!..im a newbie and i need help … ive got a new duncan flipside…out of the package everything was smooth but unresponsive…just starting out…i wanted a responsive yoyo,so i reasearched it and ive put on some slick 8 strings and lubed the small a bearing with 3 in 1 oil…worked great ! then i lubed the large concave c bearing…and that worked too ! however…the more i messed with it…it started to have a vibe in it…it graduated into a wobble now…have i messed it up by swapping things around so much ?..i read in a post about vibe and wobble that someone almost eliminated it by tuning it…how would i do this ? as being a newbie…i have no clue.what can i do to make it better ? could it just be me ? the way i throw it ? sometimes its real bad…other times…not so much…any help i can get would be very much appreciated !! … thanks !


So which bearing are you using now?
And you are throwing responsive?

It shouldn’t do that, but I’m guessing it’s you not the throw.
Not offense, but when starting out, wobbly throws are really common.

If you throw, and hold your fingernail up to the throw and barely touch it an the vibe smooths out, its you. If not, then it’s the throw.

With the flipside, there will be a little vibe, but it’s plastic and that’s not a big deal.

If this is still confusing or not helping, let me know.


im now using the small a bearing. responsive. if flipsides are prone to have a vibe…coupled with an amature throw…that would probably explain the wobble…but even with a good throw(yoyo is straight,and string is in the center of axle) it still does it…sometimes its a slight vibe…other times…its alot worse. and…it acts the same way when i put in the large concave c bearing in …is there a “break in” period on the bearings ?


There is a break in period, but it has to do with spin, not vibe.

Is it possible with a perfect throw to get a good spin with no or not much vibe?


it always has a vibe…but yes sometimes its not bad…with great spin time…


If it’s ever not bad, then it’s you not the throw.  Sorry man.
Next time you get a really bad throw, touch the edge of the yoyo lightly with your fingernail and see if it straightens out.  I’m betting it will.  If it does, then keep preacticing your breakaways.

Here’s a pretty good breakaway video too.  He talks a lot about tilt, but I think some of the concepts may also be helpful for vibe issues.


You can tune a flipside the same way you would tune a FHZ. Take the caps off and rotate the bolt until you get a smoother throw out of it. It may take some more playing around with it afterwards, but this is what I do to tune my FHZs and Flipsides.


yup ! its me… thank you morgoroth…you really helped me…very much appreciated !..strange to say…im glad the problem is me, instead of equipment,…i can fix me…i cant fix molded plastic…lol


i will try rotating bolt too !! thanks !!!


rotating the bolt worked !!! much better !!! thanks !!!


I can’t say I know that much about tuning yoyos; but here is another suggestion.

Since it’s not an expensive proposition. Buy another Flipside yoyo.

You had mentioned something about 'maybe you were messing around with the Flipside too much. Maybe you changed the parts around and got the yoyo messed up just from fiddling with it?

Well, if you take a dead stock/not yet messed with by owner Flipside; you might get a better handle on your situation :thinking:

And there could be a cool advantage. You have a 50/50 chance of getting another Flipside that has even Less stock vibe as the one you have… Of course you may also get a shake-weight, lol.

Also, make sure at your learning curve level; to use a shorter string. Use a string that is no longer than 4 inches above your belt buckle with the finished string on your finger. Hold the stringed finger(loop) against your belt buckle and your yoyo should just touch the floor.

Some people that use Lonnnnnnger strings when they are beginning; have a tendency to keep their elbow much higher on the throwdown to keep from smacking their yoyo into the ground. They can’t get the same Power stroke and consistency from throw to throw. They deliberately have to alter their throw; which does nothing to speed your learning curve. Once you develop a consistent, controlled and powerful throw; then you can move to longer strings.

No; I didn’t exaggerate the importance of string length. You would be Amazed how much faster you can get ‘better’ if you simply address basic positive yoyo dynamics.

Realize you get to the positive by eliminating the negatives. Almost all problems are related to three possibilities: 1 equipment failures. 2 operator failure. 3 a combination of the two.

Ok; I do know slightly more than I let on :flushed:

Perhaps. .


This isn’t a bad suggestion accept for the cost of the flipside. Maybe you can get one for $5 at a particular close out store like I did and then it’s worth it just for the bearing alone.

But, if you are going to spend $20 on one, grab a skyva from yye and just move on up to learning to bind.

The side by side comparison yoyodoc suggests though is a good idea for science, but depending on cost and your disposable income, I might do something different from a monetary standpoint.


I would agree Exactly with what Morgoroth just said.

Flip side at close out prices or forget my science/experiment/side by side option.

Just get am Amazing Skyva and put your Flipside out in the Cornfield.

The Skyva is the ticket🤓

PS… my suggestion to get another Flipside did not consider the price of the Flipside compared to sales prices, close out prices or retail prices. It simply had to do with a comparison test. Sometimes I forget that folks might be on a budget😳


i do have 2 of them…seems like we have the same closeout / discount store around…i paid 4.99 a piece for them…i also did compare the two…one untouched out of the pack…just put on a slick 8 string without taking it apart…the one i was working with was way worse…now its probably better than the untouched one…looks like i will tune that one to…i just got it for a spare…when i have a chance to get a flipside for the price of a regular duncan butterfly…WHY NOT ?? lol…