Tucson park place mall


anyone here on yye go to the weekly saturday yoyo club at park place mall?
edit: if any of you come/go already, im the guy with a blue 888x

quote from yoyonation’s McYo


do u have fb?


No it doesn’t have a Facebook page, but it does still go on Saturdays from 1-3pm.


i mean do u guy have fb


Pm’ed you my name.


sr but i don’t understand,i just moved from vietnam to tucson so i’m not really good in English


Oh! That’s pretty cool.

I sent you my real name in a “personal message”. Click the “messages” tab to read personal messages.


First off, I know this is a necro, I didnt want to make a new topic.

Is this still going on? I just moved to tucson from pheonix and I’m pretty sure I can’t madge it to any of the yoyo clubs in pheonix any more …


Alright!! More people!! :smiley:

Yeah the club still goes on. Every Saturday from 1pm-3pm.


Yeah I went this past saturday, I had a lot of fun


i do


the game daze in the park place mall closed :frowning:


The club still meets in the same place every Saturday, at park place


Next to what stores


We are at the end of the stretch of mall with the Candy Factory, Color me Mine, and Oh my Buns.