AZ yoyoers

There was someone yoyoing on 19th & greenway waiting for the light to turn. I want to know who you are. Lol We have quite a small community in AZ and haven’t seen you at anything. You seem to live close by. What is your name? Who are you? haha

i wish this would happen to me. lol. the only person i have seen yoyoing is the person that got me into it.

Right? I have never seen a random person yoyoing here. Outside of yoyo get together’s atleast lol


He is a yoyoer. Also known as a human being. :wink:

Number one answer is ask him.

It wasn’t me that you were describing, but where do you live?

If you live in Tucson there is a club at the Park Place Mall that’s run through Game Daze. We meet up every Saturday from 1pm-3pm. There’s about 10 of us.

I live in Chandler, Arizona and luckily you’ve come to the right place, as I happen to go to and know where all of the local meets are :slight_smile:

Monday Night – 5-7pm at Samurai Comics on 10th street and Camelback Rd.
Friday Night - 5:30-7 Game Daze inside of Chandler Mall.
Saturday - 1-3pm inside of Gotham Comics in Mesa on Main Street.

If you go to (contact genji for link) they have the listing and addresses for the Monday and Saturday meets, the Friday class is held by a separate person.

Edit: Fangers, I saw you at Monday Nights class last week lol I just saw that you were the OP. The other 2 are on the other side of town from you and Julius hosts the one on Saturday and there is always a good turn out.

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What? I’ve gone to this club a few times…

Not the club :). HIM.

Just playing, being sarcastic.

Right? But when I saw him, I was unable to stop and say anything. I was driving and traffic, and busy. Was hoping he would be on YYE lol

Im in Phoenix, Central/North valley

A couple of weeks ago I was at the mall and saw a guy there with 4-5 kids yoyoing by the entrance west of Game Daze–I’m guessing that was you. I’ll have to stop by one of these Saturdays with my nephews.

Definitely!! It’s always cool to have new people show up.