Arizona yoyo?

I’m traveling to Arizona (Mesa, Scottsdale) end of the month. Anyone know of any yoyo retailers or clubs around the area?

Yes! Allyoyo holds a meet twice a week. Saturdays at gotham city comics from 1 to 3 and mondays at samurai comics in pheonix from 5 to 7. We usually get lunch/dinner after too. More info at

There’s a few different things that go on in Arizona.

Allyoyo/Julius have meets during the week - You can google for info.

There’s also a Phoenix YoYo club Friday nights at Game Daze in the Paradise Valley mall.

All Game Dazes have a pretty decent selection of YYF product.

Hey Gnarwhally do you go to Julius’ thing? Do I know you, I’m Andrew. Just wondering

I haven’t gone in a longggg time… I went once or twice before Atomic Comics shut down, but I haven’t been back now that they’ve moved to Samurai and Gotham comics. I’ve only just picked up yoyoing again last week so perhaps I’ll go… Right now I think I’m just going to stick to the PHX YoYo Club since it’s much closer to my house.

Do Julius’s classes have a lot of people?

I go to allyoyo classes every other sat

Right now we average probably around 15-20 people at each meet. Not many people still come from when It was at Atomic, Gibb’s still there, as well as me and Englad occasionally. That about all that I can think of that go that you may know. How is the club at Game Daze? I haven’t been since the second meet and it was pretty much just me Tyler Severance and one other guy who came with Tyler.

Maybe I’ll head out there today… Hmm.
Phx YoYo club is pretty much how you described it, last week was the first time I went though. Hopefully more people will start coming.

So I started this thread a couple weeks ago to meet up with some fellow players, and just wanted to thank you all for the advice. I was in Arizona this weekend and met the guys at Gotham City comics and had a blast. This was my first time getting together with other people that throw, and it blew my mind. I picked up tons of tips, and if I’m ever in town again, will deffinatly go back. Thanks to all the guys who were there, and thanks to Julius for all the pointers. Cheers!

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You are very welcome!