Phoenix, AZ Clubs/Meets?


I’ve heard from a few people in the chat room that there are meets in the Phoenix area. I googled it as well, and I found that there used to be meets at different Atomic Comics locations, but sadly, they went out of business. I’m just getting back into yoyo’ing again, and would love to try and get to a meet soon. Thanks for any info you can provide.


Howdy, Check the site he runs the only club I know of in the area. There used to be a few of the guys from YYF that started a club last March that met at Samurai Comics, but then they just stopped showing up and it went by the way side.
What part of PHX you at? I’m up north of Anthem in New River. Hope this helps ya

Old dog


Thanks, I appreciate the info. Also, I’m in the Ahwatukee/Chandler area.


I went to a meet yesterday!!! wooooooo! For those who live in the area and want to go, here are the locations and times.

Mondays at Samurai comics on Camelback and 11th street 5pm-7pm
Fridays at AZ Pop Culture Museum at Desert Ridge Marketplace 5pm-7pm
Saturdays Gotham Comics on Main in Mesa. 1pm-3pm.


Woo finally an allyoyo thread. I go almost weekly on fridays is any one else from yye going tomorrow?


I’m going to be at Samurai Comics tomorrow :smiley: