Pheonix area yoyo meet


If any yoyoers who live in the pheonix area want to meet up, Allyoyo has a free class/meet four times a week all across pheonix. We meet up at samurai comics on camelback every monday from about 5-7ish, samurai comics on indian school every wednesday from 5-7ish, Gotham City Comics every friday from 5-7ish, and Gotham City Comics every saturday from 1-3ish. We usually get some food after so thats why the end times are loose. We have pretty much every yoyofactory yoyo and quite few more so of you were looking to try a yoyo this is the place to be. Also if you or a friend are trying to get into yoyoing, we have enough beginner yoyos to teach whole classes. So come out, hang out, learn a few tricks with allyoyo!


If you guys need any more info reply here or go to




Just bumping this again
Im not sure if I can post this but we also do sell yoyos, we even have a few of the left over one stars from BAC, I bought one today but they are going fast. I wouldn’t be suprised if they are all gone very soon.