allyoyo yoyo club

do you have to sign up for allyoyo or could you just go there

It looks like you just show up.

Just show up we will be glad to help and teach. It’s always good to see new faces!

I think im going next saturday

what time and where is it on monday

where is it? ???

That’s what he asked.

From is currently offering three yoyo classes. Here are the locations and times that you and all your friends should go to. Always check the news on our home page for notices about classes being canceled for that day. We have shows and sometimes we can’t be there. How else can we pay for giving everybody free yoyo lessons. If you take the time to come our classes you will learn faster than could have imagined, test us, we’ll show you. If you don’t have a yoyo, we will loan you one when you get class. Stay few minutes or the whole time, just get there.

1.Friday nights from 5pm to 7pm at atomic comics in Paradise Valley.

2.Saturdays from 1pm to 3pm at atomic comics at the Chandler Fashion Center.

  1. Monday nights from 5pm to 7pm at atomic comics near Metro Center.

See you there bro! I’m there pretty often. :slight_smile: