Yoyo clubs in/near Tuscon, AZ

I’m going to Arizona for spring break and was wondering if there were any yoyo clubs in the Green Valley or Tuscon area.

At 5:30 to 7 on Saturdays we have a club at a place called Hobby Destination. Come check it out!


I live in tucson arizona ;D

There’s one at the Park Place Mall on Staurdays from 1pm-3pm.

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The next time I’m in Arizona I’m going to have to drop in on one of these. I have family in green valley.

Sanchez202 can you give me any more info on the park place mall yo-yo club like what store it is located.

Our club isn’t in any store. It’s located near the food court. It’s at the very end of the branch where Claire’s and Oh My Buns are.

I would like to go there next Saturday after this one. you should expect a new person to meet at the club. ;D