TTTyo scam?


So I sold him a few thing a earlier this year. I sent them and he kept saying they weren’t received. I lost the tracking so I believeved him. Paypal has already put the money on hold. I find the tracking number, it was delivered a few days after I shipped. MONTHS ago. By now paypal already gave him the 210 back. They now call me 5 times a day asking me to resolve the negative balance and now are saying by tomorrow if I do t they will resort to outside collection agencies. I’m under 18 I don’t even think I should have an account so I’m guessing this will be out on my parents which I don’t want. Paypal won’t listen because I didn’t respond during the claim period but the only options were to refund him, give tracking which I didn’t have at the time, or otherwise prove he had received the items.

I told him the tracking once and said " Um you said you don’t have them but I just found the tracking and it says they delivered nearly 2 months ago" I included tracking with this message. Then I message again saying " did you get that message?" Because it had been several days and he had been online every day. Few weeks later now so I sent him the number again asking what’s up and he has been online many times since and won’t respond.

I’ve dealt with him before and he seems trustworthy but I’m
Under the impression since I didn’t have tracking at first he’d just say he never got them for an easy scam.

Typed this on my phone sorry for many errors


Did this happen with “your” paypal account?


yes it’s under my name. I’m only 15 though so I’m not sure I should even have my own technically. I’m honestly worried about the government somehow getting involved with the collection otherwise i’d just leave it be


It’s been a long long time since I created my paypal account.

My best guess though is that at some point during your account creation you clicked a box that said something like “I’m 18 years of age or older”.

You fraudulently created an account if that’s the case.

You probably aren’t going to want to hear this but I think paypal want’s people to be 18 or older because they feel they minimize risk. Things like keeping and supplying tracking information. Which you didn’t do.

I’d suggest you fess up to your parents to get this sorted out.


I’ve already told my parents about the situation. I’ll answer the call form paypal next time and see if they can help I guess. But I’m hoping ttt has legitimately just not seen my messages and will pay me


Hey all.

Dingo, I don’t come on here that much anymore, and slowed down collecting. Was informed about this in the facebook group a little bit ago. I am using taptalk and will post pics of all of our whole conversation when I get off of work tomorrow morning. It has been a little bit of time so the timeline of dates I am unfamilar with. I remember doing the deal and paying $210 paypal without any hesitation I did not hear back from you on a tracking number for weeks, and opened a paypal claim. I never got a message from you until 21 days later AFTER the paypal claim started because it closed and I was able to get my money back. I signed on here every now and then for a few minutes, but not much more than to that extent. I just tried typing in the tracking number but it came up an error has occured, but will try and look at it after I finish up with this. I live on base, and for other people that have lived on a military base know that you have a p.o box with your last 4 of social that you check from 8am_5pm. I havent gotten a slip from them about a package from you at all, and I have done many deals since then on the facebook group.

I am trustworth, and do plenty of deals to not screw up my reputation over one trade. Lets get this worked out.


The last thing i want is to ruin anybody’s reputation. Thanks for responding. I figured you didn’t have much time to check. The reason I waited 21 days is because I lost the number then my mom found it. I didn’t want to refund you since I shipped so I just let the claim go. Here’s what happens when I put in the tracking