Trying to make my own pfp for the forum

Working on a profile picture to use here on the forum haven’t messed with photoshop on a while, I used to love it even though I’m not that great. But I’ve hit the point where to continue it’s a lot of detail and complicated/time consuming effort. Just wanted to share and maybe I’ll feel motivated to finish. Also yes it looks very rough smoothing out comes later :man_shrugging:. Also just realizing that the pfp’s here are fit into a circle… Glad I know that now than before I got too deep into it


I really like that concept!

You don’t actually want a lot of detail because it won’t be visible in a small profile picture anyhow.


I kinda wanna do this

I love the exclusive screenshot feature on my high-end Mac Pro.

Damb @Damo don’t use the same colors I used on mines

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I don’t wanna make it super detailed it’s just that the empty space there is what I haven’t done of my hand and its the detailed part of the picture and and I don’t want it to be a blob of hand color. Kinda like the shirt but the shirt was much simpler

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I’ve made a few from tf2 models I posed in sfm. I used to be being into rocket jumping on tf2. Some of the most difficult stuff I’ve ever done/learned

Part of me wants to make it exactly the same lmao :joy:

So this is what I have so far and what I think I’m calling finished. I was going to use it as my new profile picture but a lot of people liked my face reveal post so I’m just going to use this one on Instagram. What do you think I should change?


I mean, I hate to be rude here…I’m sure you’ve put a lot of effort and time into this.
But that looks really bad IMHO.
…There’s just…something very off putting about it.
I don’t know.

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lol :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness though, this is turning out awesome! Well freaking done!!!

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:triumph:u missed a spot


Fixed! lol

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I gotta do one of deez

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Found a better and much more efficient way to do them. Did this last night cuz i got bored


Here’s some tf2 ones i made. Not sure if you play or know what it is but you have a scout pfp so I’m assuming you do🤷‍♀️

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Finished it for you, @Damo



Market just exploded

Unusuals everywhere

God help us

yea i heard, I don’t play the actual game much I’m just a jumper. If you know jump academy I’m a moderator there and if you’re in the discord you’ll see me around usually. tf2 to me is just rocket jumping and airpogo.

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