I♥YoYoTwo by JM

I know that it’s very similar to the previous one, but my muse said make this too!

Looks awesome, reminds me of Dysneyland. :smiley:

Thanks! DisneyLand huh. I have only been to Disney World, hahaha.

you are very talented.
other than being on this forum i can not do anything on computers.
technology does not like me. :smiley:

Ouch, it seems too high detail for me to see it. Its been loading for minutes already :-\

Can you make a lower detailed one?

Wow! That is very good! Keep it up JM!


Took me a while but it is awesome.

The one thing I don’t like about it is with all the different patterns on the letters it looks kinda… weird. If it was all the Silver like in the last one or just one pattern I think it would look better. (To ME)

It took me awhile to see it also, but it was worth the wait.

It takes forever to load because it has a resolution of 2000x1200. Everyone seemed to want desktop resolution shots, and that is a good size for everyone. If I make them lower resolution then it doesn’t work as well.

It does look weird to me too, but I like the way it ended up. I am probably going to remake an all silver one and add it to the t-shirt designs too.

Now THAT would be sick.

Amazing picture ;D

S!CK picture! ;D