trying to make a yoyo meet in ft lauderdale comment if ur intrested


if u live in ft lauderdale let me no so that we can make a ft luaderdale yoyo meet


Wrong section my friend


Not no more… :smiley:


I live in Miami but I’m down.


Do visitors count?.. I may be there this summer


ya dude come let me know and i will ask the dude in charge of ur meet.we have a pretty good meet not to big but plenty of great yoyoers


Kool… If I’m out that way maybe I can learn/ teach something :smiley:


kk dude


dude we got a meet setup in ft lauderdale were the science muesum is at satyrday at 2


Dammm :confused: Im always busy at work during weekends. It doesn’t help that my cars acting up either -_- If you set up another just let me know next time, hope the meet is an awesome one!