Ft lauderdale meet any one who live in ft lauderdale and want to have yoyo meetl

plzz comment

OH how I wished I moved to florida already. I’d drive down if I was there. Soon brother Soon.

Really? Fort Lauderdale? Thats close where I live. Im in parkland, though.

we gota make a yoyo meet

Do it in the summer. I’ll be in Cape Coral.

wow dude wen i ment lauderhil ment like all of broward u live really close to me i live in lauder hill next to coral springs ur a hop and a skip away

i live in ft laud


Hahahah you kidding me? We have a meet here in ft lauderdale almost every saterday,by the imax/discovery center!
Im in chat most of the times.

omg are you kidding me?!@#?$%^&*?(? what time what time what time!!! I wanna go next week!!!

oops sorry bout that. no cursing abriviations