trying to make a better video


this is my promo for Deadthreads yoyo company

please feel free to watch and comment, had a hard time with the sofware so it isn’t as good as some things i wanted.


All of the foundations are there for a great video! But editing of any sort (audio, writing, video) is a process of eliminating anything that’s not strengthening the message. So here are my comments:

  1. Too much slow-motion walk-up at the beginning! 10 seconds would be plenty. You can do that “jumpy cut thing” if you want to go all the way from far away to up close. (Far away slo-mo walking; cut immediately to mid-range slo-mo walking; cut immediately to the last stretch of slo-mo walking)

  2. Overall too long. It’s a promo video; you want people to get to the end so they can see the message again (brand name, etc). Somewhere around the 2 minute mark seems to work well for yoyo videos.

  3. If you can, find more opportunities to promote the brand within the video. Cutaway to a close-up of the yoyo with overlayed text showing specs, etc.


Walking…walking…waaaalllllkkkkiiiinnnnnggggggg… SNORE!!!


nice tricks, just seamed a bit over edited, ( walking WALKING WALKING)