Try it

(Jei Cheetah) #1

Try not watching any yoyo video for an entire week, and see what kind of things you can come up with without the influence of the modern trick elements. You may be surprised to find that you just might make up something decent, unlike all that other unoriginal stuff you tend to do.




I never watch videos but this is a great idea for those who watch them all the time.


I watch videos all the time, but I watch for motivation to improve as well as to start spotting elements of things I can do and see how they can be tied together. But at this point, I’m not trying to come up with anything original, I’m still learning.

First, I think it’s good that people want to watch videos. Second, I feel that as part of a learning process, people want to emulate what they see in the videos. To acquire more skills is always a good thing.

I’m not saying we all need to “be original”. My end goal is to be ale to do long combos, which may include made up elements, but for the purposes of enjoyment and relaxation. I think have the videos is a great resource, and I know because I download a lot to keep handy. But, we all need to be able to get to a point where we just use the videos to get ideas from, not just to copy.


I have only wached like one or two videos and you make up alot of pretty good tricks. So I think you are correct

(gee_) #5

I’m not saying people shouldn’t try it but it’s silly to think that watching videos is in any way detrimental. I watch yoyo videos all the time but I still have original tricks. It’s less about not watching and more about not biting, which isn’t the same as influence and inspiration.


When I create tricks I just try and do different mounts. I might watch videos every now and then to help with a little inspiration, but just playing around with mounts and adding transitional moves is really what I make my tricks out of. This is a good idea though, some people’s tricks are extremely unorigional. 8)


I never watch vids. Even when I do, I rarely finish them. I found quite a few ways to get into a red triangle.

(DOGS) #8

I’m almost the same. I watch them rarely.

This is good advice for those who get swept up, though.

(M²) #9

I’m kind of the opposite. I don’t generally watch yoyo vids, but when I do, it gives me some good ideas for tricks I probably wouldn’t have come up with hadn’t I watched them. Plus, you seem to be making the assumption that you can only be inspired to make “modern” and “unoriginal” tricks by watching yoyo vids. This is simply not true. Just because someone derived inspiration from someone else’s trick, doesn’t mean that can’t inspire you to do something completely unique.