Trouble with the "extra flip" in The Matrix


So I’ve begun my treck into the advanced trick list, and nailed the basic “the matrix” after a solid day of practice, but when I try to throw in that flip after the double or nothing dismount, I can’t get that smooth at all. In fact, if feels so awkward for me, and I usually hit my arm if I try to do the trick with any sort of speed.

Any ancient chinese secrets for the extra flip?


I suggest that when you do the double or nothing dismount, you keep that momentum going to do the extra flip. If you pause or hesitate after you do the double or nothing dismount, the extra flip won’t be as smooth and precise when hitting the string.

TLDR; Keep the momentum going after the dismount


Thanks for the tip, and I do try to do that. but something just isn’t working when I try to pass the string over my finger for the flip, and I hit myself in the throw arm while I’m bringing in back over to actually do the flip.

I’m thinking that my trapeze is too close to the middle of the string, and it’s not leaving me enough string on the throw hand side to be able to bring the extra loop around easily, but I don’t know how to fix that from the double or nothing dismount. I can only imagine bringing my off hand further away from my throw hand to slide the yoyo down a little further


I think that when you are on that trapeze, you are leaving so little distance between your NTH finger that you flip on and your TH finger where the string ends. If that happens the yoyo and the string hits your TH arm when you flip. Make sure that your trapeze isn’t close too the middle like you said.
Some advice:
1) Make sure the yoyo is near your NTH finger on the trapeze and not so much the middle
2)Position your “flipping” finger a few inches from the yoyo
3)PUSH into the yoyo so that it will flip without the risk of hitting your arm

Practice going on a trapeze to do the flip~


Okay so I had the exact same problem with having the yo-yo hit my arm when attemping the second flip, what i did start doing was not wrapping the string around my finger but holding it out in front of my NTH index, if you watch the tutorial Andre does this too when doing it full speed. Putting the string out in front instead of over your finger allows the room needed, I also turn my chest a bit towards my NTH to allow my elbow to bend more. I can do them full speed now and people freak out when i launch it out to the side!!! so fun!


Pretty much what Armedjackel said, flip it out in front but I do it a little different and just kind move my entire TH arm to flip it behind and then move it back to make the pop out to the side. You can practice this slowly from a trapeze, then do a flip like the beginning of skin the gerbil, then pop it out to the double or nothing.

Just keep practicing and it’ll make sense but if you don’t feel any progress, move onto another trick and come back to it. :slight_smile:


I used to have trouble with this too, but I noticed recently that holding your arms further away from me helps.


Just make a big mega “O” shape with the throw hand as you do that flip.

Once you are up for it, there’s a way of doing it so that you just sort of do an extra twist with your NTH finger and the TH arm doesn’t really factor in as much any more. Jeremy Mryoyothrower has a video for it: