Trolls, get ya trolls here

A coworkers friend got the deez variant☠️ I’m not sure if he’ll make it

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I caught the Delta 9 variant, worst of them all. I ate all the snacks in the cupboard, wrote a really weird song on the piano, giggled at some cartoons and fell asleep. Took me until the next morning to recover, it was terrible.


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Good for you. Killed our neighbour.

Yeah on a real note, I just went to my younger brother’s best friend’s funeral last Friday. He was 34. Second funeral in three weeks. I’ve noticed a substantially higher number deaths as compared to the “first round” or whatever it’s called.

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I don’t doubt the validity of the original tweet, but my point was that there are trolls out there trying to influence opinion.


From a discussion on Cambridge Analytica -

Russian “troll farms”—groups of organized online agitators—identify grievances in other countries and then insert themselves into those debates with the aim of inflaming them. Rather than promoting any one political ideology, professional Russian trolls instead focus on fanning Americans’ emotions around heated topics such as gun control or immigration, and then pitting Americans against Americans. The tactic is—literally—divide and conquer.

“They’re not making these things up. They’re finding tensions that exist on Facebook or Twitter, and they’re amplifying,” said Mendelson. “It’s pretty basic social marketing, using social media in ways that are hugely successful. And not terribly expensive, in the scheme of things, for the amount of chaos that they created.”

Facebook has banned marketing firms for being a ‘troll farm’. So the term is known and used in the industry. Still a funny name though.

The doc ‘The Great Hack’ on Netflix was about Cambridge Analytica and worth a view imho as the other one mentioned by @hobby_master The Social Dilemma.