Triumph vs. Cyborg

Has anyone else noticed how similar these two throws are? Patrick Borgerding’s Signature, the YYF Cyborg, is the one I have and it is great. Then, Hank Freeman’s Signature, the Duncan Triumph, came out and it look so very similar.

I keep hearing this but as someone who has played with both I wholeheartedly disagree. They’re rather different in shape and how they play. For starters the Cyborg is definitely a straight V shaped yoyo where as the Triumph is a modified H shape. It’s got wider rims than the cyborg and a much more open feeling gap by comparison to the cyborg. If by similar you mean they’re both 3A yoyos that’s about it when you look at them.

Just my 2cents but to each their own.

I don’t think the Cyborg is really that V shaped. I think it woul be categorized as a modified H shape as well.

I’ve thrown a Cyborg and they look similar.

The triumph is the only yoyo i triied at wyyc that did not leave me with any impression.

Love my Triumph… I can see how it wouldn’t leave an impression, though. There’s not one particular thing about it that stands out. Not like throwing something like a Draupnir and going “I don’t get it… so light but so powerful”… there’s no surprising element to it at all.

But it’s got this great workhorse feel to it that I love… and it’s at least a bit on the “lighter” side, which I always enjoy in a yoyo.

Yup, I like that Triumph!

BUT, I haven’t played a Cyborg enough to compare them. I believe from memory that the Cyborg was fuller in the hand and heavier as well. I think.

Sounds like the Cyborg. It’s big in size and it’s quite heavy.

Cyborg plays about as heavy as barracuda

Yes, that’s about right.

I have them both, and this might be a good one for the related yo-yos thread. I honestly believe that if you like one, you will like the other. They are not the same, but they have that same feature where "not one thing stands out about it,"as already stated. For some people, that’s the sign of a great throw. I look for heft and stability, so these are nice yo-yos, just not the models for me. Triumph came in YoyoExpert colors, so you know how it is. 8) Cyborg is a YoFact’ry and the colorways were the bomb too. 8) I’ll get a related photo up in a bit.

Update: by The TotalArtist, on Flickr by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

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They are very similar. Probably because both were designed for 3A play by top-level 3A players and lets face it…the guys operating at that level pretty much all want the same thing in a yoyo.